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Meaty Monday – Posts of the Week, 02.10.14

As you may have noticed, I skipped last week.  I could not, in all honesty, say that I read anything that I wanted to pass on. Not because there wasn’t material published, but simply because I was lazy, and unengaged in the world wide web. Family visited, I checked out on everything but them, and don’t even feel bad about it…mostly. But I am back this week, with some good stuff I want to bring to your attention.  So here goes… Addie Zimmerman Addie posted over on Deeper Story this

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Why I don’t want to be a dreamer!

Dreaming comes easy for me…I’ve done it all my life.  It comes easy for most people, at least initially, but as we get older, many learn to deny their dreams.  Me?  I’ve learned to let them run wild…to a point.  At some point, I cross a threshold and my longing for what I dream starts turning to disappointment, frustration…and depression. Part of that is because I tend to overindulge in my dreams and become so overwhelmed by them that I stop trying to sort them out and prioritize them. Along

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Recognizing the Divine in People…and Reflecting It!

How often does someone say something to you, and your first thought is that the comment is negative? Maybe they’re just asking you a question about something and you take it to mean they don’t like what you’ve done, or what you’ve said, or what you’ve become.  Do you ever respond to their implied (even if only in your head) comment, or do you respond to the actual comment, or question? Well, if you’re anything like me, you might hear comments or questions in a negative voice instead of in

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Meaty Monday – Posts of the Week, 01.27.14, Special Edition

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re asking, ‘what’s up with the special editions?’  Well, although I love sharing the things I’ve read in the last week that have influenced me in some way, there are times that I get excited about things that are going to be written over the next week. Stories that will make a huge impact in other people’s lives, not just my own. Today is one of those days, so therefore, that’s the reason for this special edition: Making a difference in the lives of over

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